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Pirates and Cyberpunk Recently, I've been making some videogames, including art assets and coding.

Under our made up company name 'bullet trampoline', we have created a pirate ship game. The object is to RAM! other ships and destroy them, collect loot, and upgrade the vessel.

Right now we have a playtest version that allows RAM! and destruction. The mouse moves the player, and you double-click to RAM! other ships. You can play it here,

An early build of the game.

If you like platformers instead, here's a personal project of mine with 3 levels. The character animation and sprites are all created by myself and I'm shooting for a cyberpunk feel.

Hold shift to run.Double tap a direction to dash. Space bar jumps. Hitting it again while in the air double-jumps. 
Can you collect all the orange boxes and complete the 3 levels?

You can play it by clicking here.

An early …