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The Statistics Monster -- OUT NOW!

The Statistics Monster: Learning about the Medianis available now for purchase!

When Erica, Ben, and Patrice call Abutoes the monster statistician for help with cleaning up their toys, they did not expect silly Abutoes to eat the toys! The clever girl Erica and her trusty friends must now learn the secret to the ‘median’ to save their toys from Abutoes and his bottomless belly. If they don’t learn the secret, they’ll lose their toys forever. Can you help them unlock the secret to the ‘median’?

The Statistics Monster book series teaches young children (ages 7-9+) about the concepts and practicality of statistics through approachable, simple, and often humorous stories about the crafty girl Erica, Petite Patrice the cat, Brave Ben the dog, and Abutoes the monster statistician. The series aims to make statistics more approachable and less monstrous.

More coming soon!

Welcome! Please, make yourself at home.

I offer services for English development in 
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My own materials and designs are showcased on this website, and I update them regularly. Feel free to look around!

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or opportunities. Cheers!

How to Form the Present Continuous

This post describes the meaning and form of English sentences in present continuous. You may also have heard it described as present progressive. They are the same thing.

Before we can begin, quickly review the Point of View and Verb Form table here. If you are already familiar with these concepts, then continue on.
Point of ViewChoose the correct pronouns for each point of view. The first answer for "Third Person Singular" has been done for you. 
Third Person SingularThird Person PluralSecond Person Singular & PluralFirst Person PluralFirst Person SingularhesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyouchoosehesheittheyIweyou Verb Forms Write the correct forms of the verbs walk and take in the blank spaces below. 
First FormSecond FormThird FormPresent Participle (-ing form)Regular VerbwalkIrregular Verbtake
As long as we know the Point of View and the Verb Form, we will be able to correct…