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About Me & Contact

You can download my full CV by clicking here. 
My work portfolios can be found at the "Hire Me" tab. 
You can contact me by emailing or at my Upworthy account by clicking here. 
You can connect with my at my Linkedin account

Classes I've taught include

  • Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric,
  • Advanced Composition and Rhetoric,
  • Academic Writing,
  • Introduction to the Humanities,
  • Poetry,
  • English for Business Economics,
  • Professional Writing,
  • Technical Writing,
  • TOEFL test preparation,
  • and English for the Future
among other General English communication courses (B1-native level).

My Publications include

  • “Flies.” Quatrain.Fish. (2017). Web.
    “Crickets” & “Leeches.” concis. (2017). Web.
    “Silk.” These Fragile Lilacs. (2017). Print / Web.
    “Says the Moth…” Gyroscope Review 17.1. (2016): 38. Print / Web.  
    “Space.” Licking River Review: Northern Kentucky University. (2013). Print.
    “My Mantis and Me.” Diverse Voices Quarterly 5.18. (2013): 51.
    “Don’t Touch.” A Handful of Dust. (2013): 52. Print.
    "Dark Bright Doors." Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian New Zealand Literature 25.2 (2011): 217. Print.
    “Alaska.” vis a tergo, (2011). Web.
    "Ghostly Subjects." Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian New Zealand Literature 24.2 (2010): 208. Print.
    “Fireflies.” Oberon. (2009): 85. Print.
     “Criminals” & “Things that Crawl in the Night.” Ice Box. (2009). Print. 

Some of my published and unpublished work can be found under the Creative Projects and Samples tab. Full citations can be found in my CV.

  • from $25+ / Tutoring Hour
  • from $4+ per 250 words / Editing services
For tutoring sessions, the first consultation is free and new referrals provide a $10 discount on the next tutoring session. 

Email me with details for an exact price. (

You can view my various work portfolios at the "Hire Me" tab. 

Extended Bio:

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: Poetry. My teaching background began as a Teaching Assistant and Assistant Writing Center Director at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where I taught composition and creative writing courses. Afterwards, I continued teaching composition courses at various institutions in the Chicago-land area, and branched out to Professional writing. From there, I traveled to the Netherlands where I received my CELTA certification and continued teaching writing courses with a new focus on English as a Foreign Language. In addition, I branched out to teaching presentation courses and editing company grants. This has all brought me to my current philosophy and why I use authentic materials in creative ways to guide discovery in student learning.


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