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Creative Writing: Magic Metaphor Maker

Some people have difficulty thinking of metaphors or "being creative". But what if I showed you a simple way to start creating metaphors?

Magic Metaphor Maker

What do all the phrases below have in common?
  • The sword of justice
  • The well of souls
  • The couch of sobriety
  • The leftovers of love
  • The grass of democracy

Is a sword, well, and couch something you can physically interact with? These are called concrete nouns.

Is justice, sobriety, and souls something you can physically interact with? These are called abstract nouns.

So, it goes "the" plus "concrete noun" plus "of" plus "abstract noun".

The Formula

ArticleConcrete NounofAbstract Noun
The couch of sobriety
The sword of justice

You try!

Article (a/the/an)Concrete NounofAbstract Noun

Then, you can insert these descriptions into your creative writing!

It was his favorite couch
of sobriety

And he took these letters, these leftovers
of love, carefully...

The sword of justice no longer swings for...

Now experiment! How can you "break" the template to create even more interesting descriptions?

(hint: How does the famous metaphor "The apple of my eye" change the formula?)

Final Remarks

With this simple formula, you can begin using more interesting and creative descriptions in your writing and unleash the hidden poet within!

Feel free to leave your metaphors in the comments for others to see!


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