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How to Form the Present Simple Tense

This post describes the meaning and form of English sentences in present simple.

Before we can begin, quickly review the Point of View and Verb Form table here. If you are already familiar with these concepts, then continue on.

Point of View

Choose the correct pronouns for each point of view. The first answer for "Third Person Singular" has been done for you. 

Third Person Singular Third Person Plural Second Person Singular & Plural First Person Plural First Person Singular

Verb Forms

Write the correct forms of the verbs walk and take in the blank spaces below. 

First Form Second Form Third Form Present Participle (-ing form)
Regular Verb walk
Irregular Verb take

As long as we know the Point of View and the Verb Form, we will be able to correctly form correct English sentences. These tables should be studied and practiced until they are memorized.

Present Simple

The first tense we will practice is present simple. We want to accurately communicate to others by using present simple. These exercises will help you use present simple correctly in both form and meaning. 

The example sentence below is in present simple. Read the example sentence, and then answer the questions by answering them with a "yes" or "no". The "yes" or "no" answers indicate what the sentence communicates to other English speakers. 

example sentence:
"I play the violin."
Answer the questions below by answering them with a "yes" or "no". 
  • Did I play the violin sometime in the past? 
  • Will I play the violin sometime in the future? 
  • Can I play the violin now? 
  • Am I currently in the middle of playing the violin?

Fill in the blanks to practice how to form present simple sentences. The first sentence has been done for you. 

  • I the violin
  • You the violin.
  • She violin.
  • They violin.
  • We violin.


Complete the rules below to master the form of present simple. 

  • We form the present simple by using the form of the verb.
  • We add an ‘s’ to the verb when we use point of view.

Check your answers.  

With these rules in mind, you will always be able to use the correct form of present simple. 

Feel free to leave any questions or remarks in the comments section below. 


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