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The Statistics Monster -- OUT NOW!

The Statistics Monster: Learning about the Median is available now for purchase!

When Erica, Ben, and Patrice call Abutoes the monster statistician for help with cleaning up their toys, they did not expect silly Abutoes to eat the toys! The clever girl Erica and her trusty friends must now learn the secret to the ‘median’ to save their toys from Abutoes and his bottomless belly. If they don’t learn the secret, they’ll lose their toys forever. Can you help them unlock the secret to the ‘median’?

The Statistics Monster book series teaches young children (ages 7-9+) about the concepts and practicality of statistics through approachable, simple, and often humorous stories about the crafty girl Erica, Petite Patrice the cat, Brave Ben the dog, and Abutoes the monster statistician. The series aims to make statistics more approachable and less monstrous.

More coming soon!


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