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Blog: Foreign Language Learning and Game Design

The tools for creating videogames are more accessible than ever before. The most advanced game making tools require a bit of coding while others can be done by just clicking buttons (e.g. Construct 3). It's a crazy good time for people who want to make videogames.

In preparation for this game creation revolution, I've started a YouTube series that introduces coding to people with absolutely no coding experience. By combining my foreign language teaching experience and my knowledge of C# and Unity3D, I believe we can and should teach Unity3D like a foreign language.

The introduction to the series along with a short video that explains why I think we should teach newcomers Unity3D as if it were a foreign language are now available on YouTube.

I have had the idea for this concept for a while, but my technical knowledge has been an easy excuse to delay creating the series. Often times I would watch YouTube videos and want to emulate the professionalism of some of them, but it's just not possible at this time. I had to remind myself that I am just one person and maybe the other stuff will come later, maybe not.

It was a bit of fun recording myself and rehearsing, re-recording myself and trying out new things. What wasn't fun was Windows Movie Maker, but it's free and I couldn't find a better free alternative, so I just learned to workaround its limitations.

Enjoy the series and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave them where I can see them.



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