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Blog: "Interactive Elements" released on the Unity3D Asset Store!


My newest project "Interactive Elements" has been released on the Unity Asset Store. You can find it here,

Want to add some interactive environmental elements to your game like what Don't Starve or other similar survival games have? Here's a package to get you started! 
This package includes a scripting system that allows 4 element types to interact with each other: 

The element type is defined by a base script, and the base script can be added to any Unity3D gameobject! That's it, everything can be customized via the inspector, no coding necessary! 

Interactions include: 
-Fire sets Wood ablaze 
-Fire propagates across Wood objects 
-Fire evaporates Water 
-Ice freezes Water 
-Fire melts Ice into Water 
-Ice or Water can extinguish Fire 


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